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20/11/2012 03:11
Offense The offensive line (OL) consists of five players whose job is to protect the passer and clear the way for runners by blocking members of the defense. The lineman in the middle is the Center. Outside the Center are the Guards, and outside them are the Tackles. Except for the center, who...


20/11/2012 03:10
Defense In contrast to members of the offense, the rules of professional football (NFL Rulebook) and American college football (NCAA Rulebook) do not specify starting position, movement, or coverage zones for members of the defensive team, except that they must be in the defensive zone at the...

Tickes for the Big Games

08/01/2012 03:10
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The 2012 Season

01/01/2012 02:52
NFL '11 season home and away matchups FOX Sports             17 Updated Jan 4, 2012 2:23 AM ET Courtesy of NFL The following is complete list of each NFL...

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